Library Card Passwords

A library card password for everyone.
Starting Tuesday, March 28, 2023.

Gunnison County Libraries and Marmot library partners across Colorado are adding a password requirement to your library card starting on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, to enhance privacy protection for our patrons.

As cyber crime continues to escalate globally, malware and ransomware attacks, data breaches, and identity theft are frequent features in the news. Meanwhile, public libraries continue in our long tradition of prioritizing privacy protection for our patrons.

Gunnison County Libraries are taking this step to protect your private personal information, including your reading history, email address, phone number and home address. Starting on March 28, access to your personal information and reading history in our catalog will require you to enter a password.

There is nothing to do until March 28; but starting on that day everyone who has a library card will have a default password to get started, after which you will be prompted to reset the default password to a new library card password of your choice.

Our Password Information FAQ below should answer most questions about your default password and how to reset your password starting on March 28. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please stop by the Gunnison Library or Crested Butte Library, or give us a call: 970-641-3485.

Thank you in advance for working with library staff to better protect your privacy.

Password Information Frequently Asked Questions