2023 Library User Feedback Survey

The Gunnison County Library District is seeking your feedback about public library offerings, services, facilities, & events. 2023 Community Survey. Gunnison County Libraries.org/feedback. Click this banner to share your ideas, experiences, & thoughts in our Summer 2023 Community Survey.

From Wednesday, June 28th until Tuesday, July 11th a survey will be available for library users, Gunnison County residents, and visitors.

click here to take the survey
Gunnison County Libraries are dedicated to continuously improving public libraries for those we serve. What ideas do you have for new and improved library services? How about increased access to downloadable eBooks? Shorter wait times for new and popular titles? Expanded library hours? More events and activities for all ages and interests? Your opinion matters, and your libraries want to hear from you.
We are also seeking feedback on the public’s willingness to support a similar level of service and user experience for 70% of the people living in the County. Currently, 40% of the people living in the County are close to a modern public library experience in Gunnison. A larger, modern public library facility North of Round Mountain would transform library services for thousands of people. Gunnison County Libraries do not plan to ask for additional funding this year.
Some Gunnison County residents will receive an email from Gunnison County Libraries with the survey link prominently displayed.
Anyone will be able to take the survey from the QR code below at both library locations or online.

Share your ideas, experiences, and thoughts with us in our Summer 2023 community survey.

This is the link to the survey. Or you can click/scan this QR code:
If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Drew Brookhart, Gunnison County Libraries Executive Director at 970-641-3485 or email at drew@gunnisoncountylibraries.org.